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    Hi All



    I have a particular scenario and hoping  NCM can help us out.   I'm not certain its NCM as I want to run this script from the Web Interface as a remediation script.  I would be happy to run it from either one.  The Scenario is I want to reboot our site routers only if there are no users on site logged in to any computer onsite.  This is Ideal, but instead we could use the routers arp cache to determine if any desktops are powered on. 


    Question, does NCM support the use of IF, Greater Than and equals on CLI output?


    So the script would first display the local the ARP cache.  Based on the output, IF there's entries which only belong to the layer 3 interfaces of the local device I want to execute the reboot command.  If there's is non local entries present, I want to do nothing and just exit.


    For example each router has 2 layer 3 interfaces so it would be something like no particular scripting only somewhat familiar with excel :-)


    display the arp cache 

    if output =  2 entries, "then reboot"

    If output =  more than 2 entries, "do nothing and exit"



    This would be a scheduled task and run after hours.


    I Hope there's away to do this.  Solarwinds is great and it has saved us an incredible amount of time, thanks.

    Well I don't know that is supports an if then else based upon CLI output exactly.   However I believe the end result can be acheived via the NCM Policy Reporter.  You could create a policy that has a rule that checks specifically for some specific lines in the configs.  And if those lines are not found you can create a remediation script to have run on those selected devices.


    If you open the Policy Reporter application on the NCM server, it can guide you through the wizard which is a really nice and easy way to get started with creating your own policies.